Discussion Paper Series



79.15 Morris Teubal, Primary Exports and Economic Development: The Role of the Engineering Sector

79.14 Nadav Halevi, The Economic Development of the Jewish Community in Palestine, 1917-1947 (Hebrew) 

79.13 Doron Nachmany, Industry Price Equations: The Israeli Evidence (revised 1980: also in Hebrew) (RP 123 in Hebrew) 

79.12 Ruth Klinov-Malul, Graduate Incomes: 1972 (Hebrew) 

79.11 Martin Spechler, The Productivity of Israeli and West European Manufacturing Industries, 1974-1975: Part I. Theory and Data 

79.10 Manuel Trajtenberg, Quantity is All Very Well But Two Fiddles Don't Make a Stradivarius: Aspects of Consumer Demand for Characteristics 

79.09 Michael Bruno, Growth, the Balance of Payments, and Inflation: Israel in Retrospect (Hebrew) 

79.08 Shlomo Yitzhaki, Relative Deprivation: A New Approach to the Social Welfare Function 

79.07 Yoram Ben-Porath, Economic Man Finds an Identity (Hebrew) 

79.06 Michael Bruno and Jeffrey Sachs, Supply Versus Demand Approaches to the Problem of Stagflation 

79.05 Haim Levy, Capital Structure, Inflation, and the Cost of Capital in Israeli Industry: 1964-1978 (Hebrew) (RP 122) 

79.04 Nachum T. Gross, The 1923 Recession and Public Sector Finance in Palestine (also in Hebrew) (RP 128* in Hebrew) 

79.03 Michael Bruno and Jeffrey Sachs, Macro-Economic Adjustment with Import Price Shocks: Real and Monetary Aspects 

79.02 Benjamin Eden and Ariel Pakes, Using Consumption Data for Measuring the Time Resolution of Uncertainty 

79.01 Morris Teubal, Need Determination, Product Type and the Inducements to Innovate 


78.16 Joram Mayshar, Transaction Costs in a Model of Capital Market Equilibrium (RP 101) 

78.15 Haim Barkai, Incentives, Efficiency, and Social Control: The Case of the Kibbutz 

78.14 Ruth Klinov-Malul, Occupational Mobility-Some Findings 

78.13 Shlomo Yitzhaki, On the Excess Burden of Tax Evasion 

78.12 Mario I. Blejer and Itzhak Goldberg, Return Migration-Expectation Versus Reality: A Case Study of Western Immigrants to Israel 

78.11 Benjamin Eden, A Note on Rational Expectations, the Neutrality of Money, and Labor Contracts 

78.10 Hagit Lavsky, The Foundations of Zionist Financial Policy: The Zionist Commission Period-1918-1921 (Part II) (Hebrew) 

78.09 Amir Shmueli and Charles S. Tapiero, Optimal Stochastic Control and Stabilization of the Israeli Meat Sector 

78.08 Michael Bruno, Import Prices and Stagflation in the Industrial Countries: Preliminary Analysis (revised 1979) 

78.07 Haim Levy, The Capital Asset Pricing Model, Market Thinness and the Investment Horizon: The American and the Israeli Experience 

78.06 Nachum T. Gross and Hagit Lavsky, The Foundations of Zionist Financial Policy: The Zionist Commission Period-1918-1921 (Part I) (Hebrew) 

78.05 Haim Levy, Project Evaluation, Government Intervention and the Price of Foreign Exchange (RP 89) 

78.04 Benjamin Eden, Linked Versus Flexible Exchange Rate and the Functions of Money in an Open Economy

78.03 Mario I. Blejer and Nadav Halevi, Components of Effective Devaluation and the Domestic Rate of Inflation: The Case of Israel (RP 108) 

78.02 Mario I. Blejer, The Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments under a Crawling Peg System 

78.01 Michael Bruno, Stabilization and Stagflation in a Semi-Industrialized Economy 


77.13 Ephraim Kleiman, Indexation, Risk, and Relative Prices in Israel: 1964-1975 

77.12 Amir Shmueli and Charles S. Tapiero, The Israeli Meat Sector: Adaptive Econo metric Forecasting 

77.11 Nadav Halevi, The Impact of Inflation on Exchange Rates: The Israeli Example 

77.10 Nissan Liviatan and David Levhari, On the Deflationary Effect of Government's Indexed Bonds (RP 105) 

77.09 Nadav Halevi, The Exchange Rate in Israel: Policy and Opinion (RP 88) 

77.08 Benjamin Eden, The Nominal System: Linkage to the Quantity of Money or to Nominal Income (RP 90) 

77.07 Amir Shmueli and Charles S. Tapiero, The Israeli Meat Sector: An Econometric Model 

77.06 Nachum T. Gross and Jacob Metzer, Public Finance in the Jewish Economy inInterwar Palestine 

77.05 Joram Mayshar, Transaction Costs and the Pricing of Assets 

77.04 Morris Teubal, On User Needs and Need Determination: Aspects of the Theory of Technological Innovation (RP 107) 

77.03 Shlomo Yitzhaki, Relative Deprivation and the Gini Coefficient 

77.02 Haim Levy, Equilibrium in an Imperfect Market: A Constraint on the Number of Securities in the Portfolio (RP 82) 

77.01 Benjamin Eden, Stochastic Dominance and the Measurement of Risk in Human Capital (RP 113) 


76.13 Ariel Pakes, A Simple Aggregate Diffusion Model, Estimation Techniques, and a Case Study in a Secondary Country 

76.12 Benjamin Eden, The Role of Nominal Contracts in the Allocation of Risk and Linkage to the Quantity of Money 

76.11 Michael Bruno, Wage and Price Dynamics in the Open Economy (RP 74) 

76.10 Tamar Ben-Yosef, Wage Differentials Between Men and Women in Israel, 1971 (Hebrew) 

76.09 Zvi Hercowitz, The Stock of Educational Capital in Israel and Its Distribution: 1961-1972 (Hebrew) 

76.08 Jacob Metzer, The Evolution of Zionist Public Finance: 1919-1921 (Hebrew) 

76.07 Yoram Ben-Porath and Michael Bruno, The Political Economy of a Tax Reform: Israel 1975 (RP 66)

76.06 Don Patinkin, Keynes and Econometrics: On the Interaction Between the Macro-economic Revolutions of the Interwar Period (RP 57) 

76.05 Roy Rothwell, Joe Townsend, Morris Teubal, and Pablo T. Spiller, Methodological Aspects of Innovation Research: Lessons from a Comparison of Project SAPPHO and FIP (RP

76.04 Shlomo Yitzhaki, On the Excess Burden Caused by Tax Evasion (Hebrew) 

76.03 Jacob Metzer, "National Wealth" as a Basic Concept in Zionism-The Economic Philosophy in Zionist Thought: 1919-1921 (Hebrew) (RP 78) 

76.02 Shmuel Amir, Earned Incomes of First-Generation Israel-Born Employees (Hebrew) (RP 42 and 53) 

76.01 Tuvia Blumenthal, R&D in Israeli Industry (also in Hebrew) (RP 77) 


75.12 Pablo Spiller and Morris Teubal, Analysis of R&D Failures (RP 69) 

75.10 Ruth Klinov-Malul, Human Resources and the Labor Force in Israel: 1967-1975 (RP 48 in Hebrew) 

75.09 Ephraim Kleiman, Monetary Correction and Indexation: The Brazilian and Israeli Experience (revised 1976) (RP 65) 

75.08 Yoram Ben-Porath, Fertility Response to Child Mortality-Micro Data from Israel (RP 51) 

75.07 Michael Bruno, The Two-Sector Open Economy and the Real Exchange Rate (RP 56) 

75.06 Yoram Ben-Porath, Fertility and Economic Growth: Some Micro Economic Aspects 

75.05 David Morawetz, The Electricity Measure of Capital Utilization (RP 54 in Hebrew) 

75.04 David Morawetz, Appendices to "Capital Utilization in Israeli Industry" (RP 54 in Hebrew) 

75.03 David Morawetz, Capital Utilization in Israeli Industry (RP 54 in Hebrew) 

75.02 Morris Teubal, Naftali Arnon, and Manuel Trajtenberg, Performance in Innovation in the Israeli Electronics Industry: A Case Study of Biomedical Electronics Instrumentation (RP 58) 

75.01 David Levhari and Nissan Liviatan, Notes on Hotelling's Economics of Exhaustible Resources (RP 62) 


74.08 Haim Barkai, An Empirical Analysis of Productivity and Factor Allocation in Kibbutz Farming and Manufacturing (RP 91) 

74.07 Reuben Gronau, The Allocation of Time of the Israeli Married Woman (RP 52) 

74.06 Jack Habib, Transfers and the Poverty Problem: An Evaluation of Alternatives 

74.05 Jack Habib, The Reform of Taxes and Transfers: 1969-1973 

74.04 Michael Bruno, Efficiency and Equity in Public Education Expenditures 

74.03 Ruth Klinov-Malul, Unemployment and Vacancies in Israel (also in Hebrew) 

74.02 Haim Barkai, A Model of Kibbutz Production and Factor Allocation 

74.01 Yoram Ben-Porath, Notes on the Micro-Economics of Fertility (RP 41) 


73.07 Morris Teubal, Threshold R & D Levels in Sectors of Advanced Technology (RP 50) 

73.06 Yoram Ben-Porath, Fertility in Israel: A Mini-Survey and Some New Findings ( RP 47) 

73.05 Jack Habib, The Efficiency of Alternative Tax-Transfer Structures 

73.04 Michael Bruno and Jack Habib, Alternative Tax-Transfer Systems and Income Redistribution (RP 49) 

73.03 Jack Habib, The Determination of Equivalence Scales with Respect to Family Size (RP 116) 

73.02 Jack Habib, Horizontal Equity with Respect to Family Size (RP 98) 

73.01 Yoram Ben-Porath, More on Child Traits and the Choice of Family Size 



89.01 Moshe Justman and Morris Teubal, A Structuralist Perspective on the Roll of Technology in Economic Growth and Development


88.07 Nachum T. Gross, Laying the Foundations of Israel's Economic System: 1948- 1951 

88.06 Joseph Pelzman, The Impact of the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement on U.S. Exports: The Role of the "Tama" 

88.05 Eran Yashiv, The Dynamics of Inflation in Israel (Hebrew) 

88.04 Haim Barkai, Economic Patterns in Israel Since the Six Day War 

88.03 Moshe Justman and Morris Teubal, A Framework for an Explicit Industry and Technology Policy for Israel and Some Specific Proposals 

88.02 Adi Brender, The Effect of Labor Cost on the Competitiveness of Israeli Industry 

88.01 Hanan Polansky, Eligibility Rating in Granting Mortgages-A Test Using the Meaning-Value Approach 


87.07 Eran Yashiv, Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in a Portfolio Model of the Israeli Economy 

87.06 Hanan Polansky, The Value-Meaning Approach; Introducing and Testing in Housing (Hebrew) 

87.05 Yossi Margoninski, Income Policy: The Israeli Experience, 1970-1971 (Hebrew) 

87.04 Oren Sussman, Liberalizing the Capital Account of the Balance of Payments: A Macroeconomic Analysis of the Israeli Experience, 1977-1980 

87.03 Ilan Amit and Ariel Halperin, The Optimal Accumulation of Power 

87.02 Haim Barkai, The Notion of Economic Democracy: Its Relevance to and Impact on the Socialist Endeavor in Palestine and Israel 

87.01 Nachum Gross and Jacob Metzer, Palestine in World War II: Some Economic Aspects 


86.10 Oren Sussman, Inflation, Growth, and the Liberalization of the Capital Market 

86.09 Michael Keren and David Levhari, Decentralization, Aggregation, Control Loss, and Costs in a Hierarchical Model of the Firm 

86.08 Yoram Ben-Porath, Simon Kuznets in Person and in Writing (RP 198) 

86.07 Ariel Halperin and Morris Teubal, Government Policy, Capability Creating, Resources and Economic Growth. Jointly with the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies

86.06 Shlomo Yitzhaki, On the Effect of Commodity Subsidization on Standard of Living Inequality in the Israel Economy (Hebrew) 

86.05 Shlomo Yitzhaki, On Stratification and Inequality by Continent of Origin in Israel (Hebrew)

86.04 Ruth Klinov, The Work Force in Israel, 1983-1984 (Hebrew) 

86.03 Joseph W. Gavish and Shlomo Yitzhaki, The Influence of Different Sources of Household Income on Inequality Among Families (Hebrew) 

86.02 Haim Barkai, Kibbutz Efficiency and the Incentive Conundrum 

86.01 Ariel Halperin, Development of Military Capital Stock in Israel and the Confrontation States (Hebrew) 


85.11 Reuben Gronau, Consumption Technology and the Intrafamily Distribution of Resources: Adult Experience Scales Reexamined 

85.10 Michael Bruno, Aggregate Supply and Demand Factors in OECD Unemployment: An Update 

85.09 Simon Benninga and Uri Possen, The Economics of Crowding Out 

85.08 Joseph Pelzman, The Impact of the U.S.-Israel Free Trade Area Agreement

85.07 Simon Benninga and Uri Possen, The Effects of Government Investment in Infra- structure on Private Investment and Real Interest Rates 

85.06 Yoram Ben-Porath, Market, Government, and Israel's Muted Baby Boom 

85.05 Ephraim Kleiman, Indexation in the Israel Labor Market 

85.04 Ephraim Kleiman, The Indexation of Public Debt in Israel 

85.03 Yoram Ben-Porath, The Entwined Growth of Population and Product: Israel 1922-1982 

85.02 Yoram Ben-Porath, Changes and Ethnic Diversity in Population and the Labor Force 

85.01 Yoram Ben-Porath, The Economy of Israel: Maturing Through Crises 


84.10 Ruth Klinov, Israel's Changing Industrial Structure: Years of Growth and Years of Slowdown 

84.09 Moshe Dinenzon, The Exogeneity-Endogeneity of the Money Supply in Israel, 1970-1982 (Hebrew) 

84.08 Moshe Syrquin, Economic Growth and Structural Change in Israel: An International Perspective 

84.07 Joram Mayshar, Investment Patterns in Israel 

84.06 Michael Bruno and Stanley Fischer, The Inflationary Process in Israel: Shocks and Accommodation 

84.05 Haim Levy and Zvi Lehrman, Estimates of Capital Costs in the Israeli Industry, 1971-1980 (Hebrew) 

84.04 Nachum T. Gross, Underground Water and Immigrants with Academic Degrees in the 1920s (Hebrew) 

84.03 Haim Barkai, Israel's Energy Sector in the 1960s and 1970s 

84.02 Ruth Klinov, Labor Mobility in Israel 

84.01 Michael Bruno, External Shocks and Domestic Response: Israel's Macroeconomic Performance 1965-1982 


83.12 Gur Ofer, Civilian Public Expenditure in Israel (Hebrew) 

83.11 Shmuel Amir, Educational Structure and Wage Differentials of the Israeli Labor Force in the 1970s 

83.10 Yoram Ben-Porath, Ms. Jewish Mother Goes to Work-Trends in the Labor Force Participation of Women in Israel, 1955-1980 (RP 178) 

83.09 Shlomo Yitzhaki, Taxation in the Third Decade (Hebrew) 

83.08 Michael Bruno, Stagflation in the EEC Countries, 1973-1981: A Cross-Section View 

83.07 Victor Levy, Cropping Patterns, Mechanization, Child Labor and Fertility Behavior in Rural Egypt 

83.06 Jack Habib and Ruth Klinov-Malul, What do Earning Functions Reveal about the Costs of Returns to Mobility? 

83.05 Victor Levy, Crop Selection, Labor Intensity in Agriculture, and the Timing of Births 

83.04 Ariel Pakes and Zvi Griliches, Estimating Distribution Lags in Short Panels with an Application to the Specification of Depreciation Patterns and Capital Stock Constructs (RP 174) 

83.03 Jacob Metzer, The Slowdown of Economic Growth in Israel: A Passing Phase of the End of the Big Spurt? 

83.02 Nadav Halevi, The Structure and Development of Israel's Balance of Payments 

83.01 Eitan Berglas, Defense and the Economy: The Israeli Experience 


82.09 Shmuel Nitzan and Ariel Pakes, Optimum Contracts for Research Personnel, Research Employment, and the Establishment of "Rival" Enterprises (RP 163) 

82.08 Ruben Lamdany, Emigration from Israel (RP 159 in Hebrew) 

82.07 Morris Teubal, The Role of Technological Learning in the Exports of Manufactured Goods: The Case of Selected Capital Goods in Brazil and Argentina (RP 170) 

82.06 Charles F. Manski, Analysis of Equilibrium Automobile Holdings in Israel with Aggregate Discrete Choice Models 

82.05 Charles F. Manski and Ephraim Goldin, The Denomination-Specific Demand for Currency: The Israeli Experience 

82.04 Nachum T. Gross, The Jewish Economy in Palestine During the Unlabelled Years: 1928-32 (RP 171 in Hebrew) 

82.03 Victor Levy, Household Size and Age Structure, Equivalence Scales and Poverty in a Developing Country-Egypt 

82.02 Victor Levy, The Distributional Impact of Economic Growth and Decline in a Developing Economy, Egypt

82.01 Jacob Metzer, Technology, Labor, and Growth in a Dual Economy's Traditional Sector: Mandatory Palestine, 1921-1936 


81.10 Victor Levy, The Welfare and Transfer Effects of Cotton Price Policies in Egypt 1965-1978 

81.09 Michael Keren and David Levhari, The Internal Organization of the Firm and the Shape of Average Costs (RP 166) 

81.08 Charles F. Manski and Ephraim Goldin, An Econometric Analysis of Automobile Scrappage in Israel 

81.07 Yoram Ben-Porath, Self-Employed and Wage Earners in Israel: Findings from the Census of Population 1972

81.06 Nachum T.Gross, The Economic Policy of the Mandatory Government in Palestine (Hebrew) (RP 140* in Hebrew, RP 172 in English)

81.05 Philip Maxwell and Morris Teubal, Capacity-Stretching Technical Change: Some Theoretical Aspects 

81.04 Morris Teubal, The R&D Performance through Time of Young, High-Technology Firms: Methodology and an Illustration

81.03 Michael Michaely, Inflation and Money in Israel since the 1977 Tax Reform (Hebrew) (RP 125) 

81.02 Michael Bruno, Raw Materials, Profits, and the Productivity Slowdown (RP 164) 

81.01 Haim Barkai, Management and Workers' Control: Theory and Practice of the Histadrut Industrial Sector (RP 165) 


80.18 Charles F. Manski, Short Run Equilibrium in the Automobile Market 

80.17 Victor Levy, Demand for International Reserves and Exchange-Rate Intervention Policy in an Adjustable-Peg Economy 

80.16 Jacob Metzer, Fiscal Incidence and Resource Transfer Between Jews and Arabs in Mandatory Palestine (RP 130) 

80.15 Mario I. Blejer and Leo Leiderman, Monetary Aspects of Inflation in Israel, 1977-1979 (Hebrew) 

80.14 Victor Levy, Structural Change and Private Saving Behavior in a Planned Economy: Evidence from Egypt 

80.13 Shlomo Yitzhaki, On an Extension of the Gini Inequality Index 

80.12 Victor Levy, The Savings Gap and The Productivity of Egypt's Inflow of Foreign Resources 

80.11 J. Weinblatt, The Determinants of Israel's Export Composition 

80.10 Rafi Melnick, Identification of a Simultaneous Equation System with Endogenous Unobservable Variables 

80.09 Michael Bruno, Import Competition and Macro-Economic Adjustment under Wage-Price Rigidity 

80.08 Victor Levy, Oil Prices, Relative Prices, and Balance-of-Payments Adjustment: The Turkish Experience (RP 118) 

80.07 Ariel Pakes, Aggregation Effects and Panel Data: Estimation Problems 

80.06 Yoram Ben-Porath, On the Institutional Structure of Exchange: Economic Man Finds Identity 

80.05 Morris Teubal and Edward Steinmueller, Government Policy and the Introduction of a Major New Technology: Elements of a Framework of Analysis (RP 176) 

80.04 Nachum T. Gross, Some New Light on the Palestine Census of Industries 1928 

80.03 Michael Bruno and Zvi Sussman, Floating Versus Crawling: Israel 1977-79 by Hindsight 

80.02 Shlomo Yitzhaki, Stochastic Dominance, Mean Variance, and Gini's Mean Difference (RP 145) 

80.01 Nachum T. Gross, A Note on the Periodization of the Yishuv's History During the Mandatory Period 




99.05 Motty Perry and Philip J. Reny, An Ex-Post Efficient Auction 

99.04A Eli Berman, Kevin Lang and Erez Siniver, Language-Skill Complementary: Returns to Immigrant Languge Acquisition

99.03 Dmitri Romanov, An Econometric Analysis of Audit Policy and Income Tax Evasion in Israel 

99.02 Moshe Hazan and Binyamin Berdugo, Child Labor, Fertility, and Economic Growth 

99.01 Samer HajYehia, Arbitrage Tests of Israel 's Currency Options Markets 


98.08 Eli Berman, Jointly with The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies. Sect, Subsidy and Sacrifice: An Economist's View of Ultra-Orthodox Jews. 

98.07 Haim Levy and Azriel Levy, The Management of Foreign Exchange Reserves with Balance-of-Payments and External Debt Considerations: The Case of Israel 

98.06 Shlomo Yitzhaki, On the Cost of a Tax Shekel. (Hebrew) 

98.05 Avner Ahituv and Ayal Kimhi, Off-Farm Work and Capital Accumulation Over the Farmer's Life-Cycle 

98.04 Ofer Aviran, The Effect of Monetary Policy on Inflation and on Real Economic Activity: Israel, 1988-1996 (Hebrew) 

98.03A Yoram Gabay (ed.), Report of the Committee Inquiring into the Property Tax Law. (Hebrew). 

98.02 Michael Beenstock and Ruth Klinov, The Determinants of Separations from Employment: Israel , 1969-1992 

98.01 Rachel M. Friedberg, The Impact of Mass Migration on the Israeli Labor Market 
Abstract , Paper



97.11 Michael Beenstock, Internal Migration by Immigrants: Israel , 1992-1994 

97.10 Victor Lavy, Water-Consumption, Prices, Technology, and Government Policy: A Comparative Study of Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli Farmers in the Jordan Valley 

97.09 Barry R. Chiswick, Hebrew Language Usage: Determinants and Effects on Earnings Among Immigrants in Israel 

97. 08 Motty Perry and Daniel R. Vincent, The Optimal Timing of Procurement Decisions and Patent Allocations 

97.07 Lea Achdut, Yasser Awad, Yakov Shaul and Jacques Silbert, Marginal Tax Rates and the Measurement of the Tax Progressively of Israel’s National Insurance Tax System (Jointly with the National Insurance Institute) 

97.06 Haim Regev, Innovation, Skilled Labor, Technology and Performance in Israeli Industrial Firms: 1982-1993 

97.05 Eli Berman and Ruth Klinov, Human Capital Invesment and Nonparticipation: Evidence from a simple with Infinite Horizons (Or: Jewish Father Stops Going to Work 

A97.04 Nachum T. Gross, Herbert Samuel’s Advisory Committee of 1919 

97.03iii Reuben Gronau, Intervention and Competition in the Motor Transport Market –The Subsidization of the Public Transportation and Intervention in the Taxi cab Market –III (Hebrew)

97.03ii Reuben Gronau, Intervention and Competition in the Motor Transport Market – II  Paper


97.03i Reuben Gronau, Intervention and Competition in the Motor Transport Market – I. The Motor Transport Branch: A Tale of Market Failure (Hebrew)  Paper


97.02 Shlomo Yithaki, The Falk Institute Tax Model (Hebrew) 

97.01 Reuben Gronau and Haim Regev, Demand for Labor and Job Turnover in Israeli Industry, 1970-1994 (Hebrew)



96.12 Michael Beenstock and Ruth Klinov, Why Did the Probability of Exiting Unemployment Decline? Israel, 1969-1992. 

96.11 Yoram Gabay and Avi Lavon, Universality and Selectivity in Israel's Transfer Payments (Hebrew).

96.10 Eugene Kandel and Ben-Zion Zilberfarb, Differential Interpretation of Information in Inflation Forecasts. 

96.09 Judith Hellerstein and David Neumark, Wage and Productivity Differences Within and Between Plants: Evidence from Israeli Panel Data.

A96.08 Nachum T. Gross, Herzl's Economic Conception

96.07 Reuben Gronau, Who Needs Cabs, Anyway? Optimum Diversity in the Public Transport Market

96.06 Saul Lach and Daniel Tsiddon, I. Staggering and Synchronization in Price- Setting: Evidence from Multiproduct Firms; II. Small Price Changes and Menu Costs.

96.05 Eitan Hochman, Eyal Brill and Gal Hochman, Privatization and Control of a Regional Water Economy. (Hebrew). 

96.04 Shmuel Amir, Unemployment in Israel, 1964-1989: An Analysis Based on the Beveridge-Curve Model. 

A96.03 Ephraim Kleiman, Does Israel Need Foreign Guest-Workers? (Hebrew)
Abstract. PDF file.

A96.02 Shlomo Yitzhaki, A Critique of Poverty Measurement 

A96.01 Nachum T. Gross, Herzl on Discrimination in Der Judenstaat 


95.06 Michael Beenstock and Yitzhak ben Menahem, The Labour-Market Absorption of CIS Immigrants to Israel: 1989-1994 

95.05 Asher A. Blass and Richard S. Grossman, A Costly Guarantee? The 1983 Israel Bank Shares Crisis Revisited

95.04 Zvi Eckstein and Ron Shachar, On the Transition to Work of New Immigrants: Israel 1990-92 

95.03 Victor Lavy, Endogenous School Resources and Cognitive Achievement in Primary Schools in Israel 

95.02 Rachel M. Friedberg, You Can't Take It With You? Immigrant Assimilation and the Portability of Human Capital: Evidence from Israel 

95.01 Jacob Kondor, Tax Differentials, Government Control and Manipulation of Import Prices: Israel, 1983-1991 (Hebrew)



94.07 Michael Beenstock, The Spatio-Economic Dimension of Immigrant Absorption: Israel, 1969-72

94.06 Dmitri Romanov, The Efficiency of the Income-Tax Collection System in Israel (Hebrew)

94.05 Haim Regev and Simcha Bar-Eliezer, Control of the Domestic Market and Economic Performance in Israeli Industry (Hebrew) 

94.04 Victor Lavy, The Effect of Investment Subsidies on the Survival of Firms in Israel 

94.03 Eli Malki, Investment in Fixed Assets by Firms Traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: 1989-1991 (Hebrew) 

94.02 Joshua D. Angrist, The Demand for Palestinian Labor

94.01 Eli Berman, Help Wanted, Job Needed: Estimates of a Matching Function from Employment Service Data



93.12 Jacob Kondor, The Composition of Labour Costs in Eight Israeli Industrial Establishments: 1991 (Hebrew)

93.11 Zvi Griliches and Haim Regev, Firm Productivity in Israeli Industry: 1979-1988

93.10 David Pines and Menahem Perlman, The Effect of Land Prices on Household Welfare and the Consumer Price Index (Hebrew)

93.09 Judith K. Hellerstein and David Neumark, Are Earnings Profiles Steeper Than Productivity Profiles? Evidence From Israeli Firm-Level Data

93.08 Ruth Klinov, The Labor Force in Israel: 1948-1990 (Hebrew)

93.07 Yoel Naveh, Control and Competition - The Air Passenger Transportation Market in Israel in the 1980s (Hebrew)

93.06 Haj Yihyeh (Muhammad) Samer, The Bank of Israel's Exchange Rate Policy,  1985-1992 (Hebrew)
Pdf paper

93.05 Michael Beenstock, Learning Hebrew and Finding a Job: An Econometric Analysis of Immigrant Absorption in Israel

93.04 Michael Beenstock, Failure to Absorb: Return-Migration by Immigrants into Israel

93.03 Reuben Gronau, Two Papers on the Economics of Toll Roads

93.02 Michael Beenstock, Jacob Metzer and Sanny Ziv, Immigration and the Jewish Economy in Mandatory Palestine: An Econometric Exploration|

93.01 Judith K. Hellerstein and David Neumark, Sex, Wages, and Productivity: An Empirical Analysis of Israeli Firm-Level Data



92.02 Joshua Angrist, Wages and Employment in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip: 1981-1990

92.01 Reuben Gronau, "The Allocation of Time of Israeli Married Women" Revisited



91.04 Michael Beenstock and Leora Bemporad, Unpleasant Monetary Arithmetic in Israel, 1970-1988

91.03 Michael Beenstock and Leora Bemporad, The Money Supply of Devaluation? Testing Two Theories of Inflation in Israel, 1976-1988

91.02 Michael Beenstock, Estimating Rational-Expectations Augmented Error Correction Mechanisms: Inflation and Money in Israel





09.05 Eric D. Gould and Esteban F. Klor, Does Terrorism Work?


09.04 Itai Ater, Vertical Foreclosure using Exclusive Dealing: The Case of Hamburger Restaurants in Shopping Malls 

09.03 Parimal Kanti Bag, Hamid Sabourian and Eyal Winter, Multi-Stage Voting, Sequential Elimination and Condorcet Consistency 

09.02 Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan, Information Wins the Race in Explaining Non Take-Up 

09.01 Sarit Cohen-Goldner, The Dynamics of Inequality among Immigrants 


A08.08 Yossi Margoninsky, Analyzing Financial Crises: A Framework and its Application to Four Financial Shocks in Israel 

08.07 David Genesove and Avi Simhon, Seasonality and the Effect of Advertising on Price 

08.06 Danny Pfeffermann and Anna Sikov, Estimation and Imputation under Nonignorable Nonresponse with Missing Covariate Information 

08.05 Joshua Angrist, Victor Lavy and Analía Schlosser, Multiple Experiments for the Causal Link between the Quantity and Quality of Children

A08.04 Nachum T. Gross, The Hebrew University's Policy to Preserve Its Exclusive Standing: The 'Branches' in Tel-Aviv (1950-1970) (Hebrew) 

08.03 Eric D. Gould, Victor Lavy and M. Daniele Paserman, Sixty Years after the Magic Carpet Ride: The Long-Run Effect of the Early Childhood Environment on Social and Economic Outcomes 

A08.02 Ruth Klinov, Patterns of Transition into and out of Unemployment: Israel 1995-2006 (Hebrew)

08.01 Eric D. Gould and Guy Stecklov, Terror and the Costs of Crime 


07.08 Eyal Winter, Incentives in Teams and the Role of Information in Organizations

07.07 Matthias Doepke, Moshe Hazan and Yishay Maoz, The Baby Boom and World War II: A Macroeconomic Analysis 

A07.06 Jacob Metzer, Jewish Immigration to Palestine in the Long 1920s: An Exploratory Examination

07.05 Irena Milstein and Asher Tishler, The Inevitability of Price Spikes and Tight Capacity in Competitive Electricity Markets

07.04B The Israeli Tax System – Part A (Hebrew) הקדמה

Adi Brender and Guy Navon, A Forecasting Model for Government Tax Revenues in Israel and an Evaluation of the Forecast Uncertainty Paper

Natalie Mironychev, Dmitri Romanov, Merav Oren-Yiftach and Noam Zussman, Shifting of VAT and purchase tax rates onto consumer prices Paper

David Gliksberg, Taxes, Economic Uncertainty and the Judiciary: Analysis of the Israeli Supreme Court Decisions (Part I) Paper 

07.04A The Israeli Tax System – Part B (English) Introduction

Tomer Blumkin, Bradley J. Ruffle and Yosef Ganun, Are Income and Consumption Taxes Ever Really Equivalent? Evidence from a Real-Effort Experiment with Real Goods. 

Tatiana Slobodnitsky and Lev Drucker, VAT Revenue Forecasting in Israel 

07.03 Shayo Moses, Education, Militarism and Civil Wars 

07.02 Esteban F. Klor and Moses Shayo, Social Identity and Preferences over Redistribution

07.01 Victor Lavy, M. Daniele Paserman and Analia Schlosser, The Old and the Restless: Inside the Black of Box of Ability Peer Effects in the Israeli Classroom


06.08 Alex Gershkov and Motty Perry, Tournaments with Midterm Reviews

06.07 Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan, The Effect of Benefits Level on Take-up Rates: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

06.06 Michael Shalev, Inequality and the State in Israel: Implications of the Social Services as an Employer

06.05A Ruth Klinov and Michal Palgi, Living Standards in Kibbutzim – A Comparison with non-Kibbutz Israeli Population

06.04 Gur Ofer, Miriam Greenstein and Bruce Rosen, Selecting Your Surgeon The Private-Public Mix in Public Hospitals in Jerusalem Considerations of Efficiency and Equity

06.03 Muhammad Asali, Why Do Arabs Earn Less than Jews in Israel

06.02 Victor Lavy, Does Raising the Principal'ss Wage Improve the School’s Outcomes? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from an Unusual Program in Israel

06.01 Saul Lach, Yaacov Ritov and Avi Simhon, Longevity across Generations


A05.05 Ruth Klinov and Merav Oren-Yiftach, Do Arab and Jewish Markets within Israel Converge? A case study of fruit and vegetables

05.04 Guy Ben-Ishai, What Is Motivating Liberalization Induced-Mergers? The Market Power Hypothesis Reexamined

05.03 Claude Berrebi and Esteban F. Klor, The Impact of Terrorism Across Industries: An Empirical Study

05.02 Omer Moav and Zvika Neeman, The Quality of Information and Incentives for Effort

05.01 Ziv Bar-Shira, Israel Finkelshtain and Avi Simhon, Regulating Irrigation via Block-Rate Pricing: An Econometric Analysis


04.09 Saul Lach, Search and Prices: Evidence form the FSU Immigration to Israel

04.08 Isabel Tkatch and Eugene Kandel, Demand for Immediacy: Time is Money

04.07 M. Danielle Paserman, Job Search and Hyperbolic Discounting: Structural Estimation and Policy Evaluation

04.06 Nachum T. Gross, The Department of Economics at the Hebrew University in the 1950s (Hebrew)

04.05A Claude Berrebi and Esteban F. Klor, On Terrorism and Electoral Outcomes: Theory and Evidence from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

04.04A Reuben Gronau, The Regualtion of the Israeli Phone Market 1998-2002 – An Interim Report (Hebrew)

04.03 Adi Brender, Do Minorities Respond to Discrimination with Intensified Self Effort or with Alienation? Tax Collection in the Arab Local Authorities as a Case Study AbstractPaper  

04.02 Omer Moav and Zvika Neeman, Inspection in Markets for Experience Goods

04.01 Sarit Cohen-Goldner and M. Daniele Paserman, Mass Migration to Israel and Natives’ Transitions from Employment


03.09A Alona Frenkel, Pavel Soifer and Joram Mayshar, Potential Income as a Measure of Poverty in Israel (Hebrew)

03.08 Rachel M. Friedberg and Robert M. Sauer, The Effects of Foreign Guest Workers in Israel on the Labor Market Outcomes of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip

03.07 Omer Moav and Dietrich Vollarth, The Origin of Overtaking in the Land Abundance as a Hurdle for Education Reforms

03.06 Abraham Lioui and Ron Malka, How Much Does It Cost to Short Sale A Stock Index?

03.05 Oded Galor and Andrew Mountford, Trade, Demographic Transition and the Great Divergence

03.04 Eric Gould, Marriage and Career: The Dynamic Decisions of Young Men

03.03A Alon Klement and Zvika Neeman, Against Compromise: A Mechanism Design Approach

03.02 Alon Klement and Zvika Neeman, Incentive Structures for Class Action Lawyers

03.01 Adriana D. Kugler and Robert M. Sauer, Doctors Without Borders: The Returns to an Occupational License for Soviet Immigrant Physicians in Israel 
Abstract and Paper 


02.09 Eyal Winter and Suresh Mutuswami, Efficient Mechanisms for Multiple Public Goods 

02.08 Michael Beenstock, The Effect of Parents’ Education and Earnings upon the Education and Earnings of their Children

02.07 Allan Drazen, Political Pressure and Monetary Accommodation in the Political Business Cycle

02.06 Eric D. Gould, B. Peter Pashigian and Canice Prendergast, Contracts, Externalities and Incentives in Shopping Malls

02.05 Michael Beenstock, Intergenerational Mobility: Earnings and Education in Israel

02.04 Moshe Hazan and Yishay D. Maoz, Labor Market Experience and in the Gender Gap

02.03 Michael Beenstock, Mobility and Longitudinal Inequality in Earnings: Israel 1983-1995 

02.02 Saul Lach and Robert M. Sauer, R&D, Subsidies and Productivity 

02.01 Avner Ahituv and Joseph Zeira, Technical Progress and Early Retirement 


01.06A Victor Lavy, Evaluating the Effect of Teacher’s Performance Incentives on Pupil Achievements

01.05A Ruth Klinov, Economic Aspects in the development of the Hebrew University 1923-1947: Aims and Fulfillment

01.04A Jacob Metzer, The Economy of Mandatory Palestine: Reviewing the Development of Research in the Field

01.03 Dmitri Romanov and Noam Zussman, Income Maintenance Problems and Solutions

01.02 Omer Moav, Cheap Children and the Persistence of Poverty

01.01 David Genesove and Christopher Mayer, Loss Aversion and Seller Behavior: Evidence from the Housing Market 


00.15 Daniele Paserman and Stefano Della Vigna, Job Search and Hyperbolic Discounting 

00.14 Saul Lach, Existence and Persistence of Price Dispersion: an Empirical Analysis 

00.13 Towards a New Welfare State in Israel : Three Papers (Hebrew) :

Shira Klein, Child Poverty in Israel 1982-1995 

Moses Shayo and Michael Vaknin, Persistent Poverty in Israel : Results from the Linked 1983 and 1995 Census Data 

Eyal Dvir and Amir Barnea, Israeli Equivalence Scales - Another Look 

00.12A Saul Lach, Do R&D Subsidies Stimulate or Displace Private R&D? Evidence from Israel

00.11 Oded Galor and Omer Moav, From Physical to Human Capital Accumulation: Inequality in the Process of Development 

00.10A Barry R. Chiswick and Gaston Repetto, Immigrant Adjustment in Israel , Literacy and Fluency in Hebrew and Earnings 
AbstractPaperTabels file

00.09 Yishay Maoz and Omer Moav, Capital Inequality and Development 

00.08 Avner Ahituv, Employment and Earnings Structure: Evidence from Israel 

00.07 Oscar Volij, Public Education, Communities and Vouchers 

00.06 Noam Zussman and Dmitri Romanov, Income Mobility and Job Turnover in Israel 1993-1996 

00.05A Nachum T. Gross, Plans and Beginnings at the Hebrew University Before Patinkin 

00.04 Eli Berman and Zaur Rzakhanov, Fertility, Migration and Altruism 

00.03 Eric D. Gould, Omer Moav and Bruce A. Weinberg, Precautionary Demand for Education, Inequality and Technological Progress. 

00.02A Joram Mayshar and Charles Mansky, Child Allowances and Fertility in Israel : Preliminary Findings 

00.01A Shmuel Amir, Overseas Foreign Workers in Israel : Policy Aims and Labor Markets Outcomes 



19.04 Adi Brender and Michel Strawczynski, The EITC Program in Israel: employment effects and evidence on the differential impacts of Family vs. Individual-Income Based Design

19.03 Abigail Hurwitz, Orly Sade and Eyal Winter, Unintended Consequences of Minimum Annuity Laws: An Experimental Study

19.02 Ran Abramitzky , Victor Lavy and Maayan Segev, The Response of Skill Investment to Changes in the Skill Premium

19.01 Itay Saporta-Eksten, Ity Shurtz and Sarit Weisburd, Social Security, Labor Supply and Health of Older Workers: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from a Large Reform



18.07 Naomi Hausman,Entrepreneurs and City Growth

18.06  Avinatan Hassidim, Assaf Romm and Ran I. Shorrer, Need vs. Merit: The Large Core of College Admissions Markets 

18.05  David Atkin, Eve Colson-Sihra and Moses Shayo, How Do We Choose Our Identity? A Revealed Preference Approach Using Food Consumption

18.04  Itai Ater and Oren Rigbi, Informative Advertising and Consumer Search: Evidence from  a Price Transparency Regulation in Supermarkets

18.03  Avraham Ebenstein, The Nature versus Nurture Debate and the Direct Effect of Parental Influence: Evidence from the Israeli Kibbutz

18.02  Ran Abramitzky, Victor Lavy and Santiago Pérez, The Long-Term Spillover Effects of Changes  in the Return to Schooling

18.01  Itay Attar and Danny Cohen-Zada, The Effect of School Entrance Age on Educational Outcomes: Evidence Using Multiple Cutoff Dates and Exact Date of Birth



17.07   Einav Hart, Déborah Marciano and Eyal Winter, Groups, Group Members and Individuals: Choices and Impulses in Repeated Risky Decisions

17.06   Saul Lach,  Zvika Neeman, and Mark Schankerman, Government Financing of R&D: A Mechanism Design Approach

17.05   Naomi Hausman, University Innovation and Local Economic Growth

17.04   Assaf Patir, Securitization, Bank Vigilance, Leverage and Sudden Stops

17.03   Michael Bar, Moshe Hazan, Oksana Leukhina, David Weiss and Hosny Zoabi, Inequality and the Changing Role of Differential Fertility

17.01    Alon Eizenberg, Andras Pechy and Michelle Sovinsky, The Dynamics of Technology Adoption and Vertical  Restraints: An Empirical Analysis



16.06 Menachem (Meni) Abudy and Avi Wohl, Corporate Bond Trading on a Limit Order Book Exchange 

16.05  Itai Ater and Omri Gerlitz, Round Prices and Price Rigidity: Evidence from Outlawing Odd Prices  

16.04   Revital Bar and Asaf Zussman, Customer Discrimination: Evidence from Israel

16.03  Limor Hatsor and Ity Shurtz, The Importance of Consumer Trust: Evidence from Infant Formula in Israel

16.02  Victor Lavy and Edith Sand, On The Origins of Gender Human Capital Gaps: Short and Long Term Consequences of Teachers’ Stereotypical Biases

16.01  Victor Lavy, Analia Schlosser and Adi Shany, Out of Africa: Human Capital Consequences of In Utero Conditions



15.08  Yael Elster, Asaf Zussman and Noam Zussman, Rockets: The Housing Market Effects of a Credible Terrorist ThreatPaper

15.07  Alon Eizenberg, Saul Lach and Merav YiftachRetail Prices in a City: An Empirical Analysis

15.06  Eric D. Gould, Explaining the Unexplained: Residual Wage Inequality, Manufacturing Decline, and Low-Skilled Immigration

15.05   Danny Cohen-Zada, Yotam Margalit and Oren Rigbi, Does Religiosity Affect Support for Political Compromise?

15.04   Ity Shurtz, Amnon Brzezinski and Ayala Frumkin, The Impact of Age-Based Financing of Screening Tests on Utilization and Outcomes: The Case of Amniocentesis

15.03 Dan Ben-Moshe, Xavier D'Haultfoeuille and Arthur Lewbel, Identification of Additive and Polynomial Models of Mismeasured Regressors Without Instruments

15.02 Eric D. Gould and Esteban F. Klor, Party Hacks and True Believers: The Effect of Party Affiliation on Political Preferences

15.01 Victor Lavy, Avraham Ebenstein and Sefi Roth, The Long Run Human Capital and Economic Consequences of High-Stakes Examinations 



14.09 Alex Gershkov, Jianpei Li and Paul Schweinzer, How to Share it Out: The Value of Information in Teams

14.08 Moses Shayo and Asaf Zussman, Conflict and Persistence of Ethnic Bias

 14.07 Dror Goldberg and Saggi Katz, The Transition from Dollar to Shekel in the Israeli Real Estate Market

 14.06 Avraham Ebenstein, Prostitution, Sex Ratios, and Sexually Transmitted Infections in China 


14.05 Issi Romem and Ity Shurtz, The Accident Externality of Driving: Evidence from Observance of the Jewish Sabbath in Israel


A14.04 Nadav Halevi, Early Economic Research in Israel: the Falk Project


14.03 Dan Ben-Moshe, Identification of Dependent Nonparametric Distributions in a System of Linear Equations


14.02 Michael Beenstock, Dan Feldman and Daniel Felsenstein, Hedonic Pricing when Housing is Endogenous: The Value of Access to the Trans-Israel Highway


14.01 Eric D. Gould and Avi Simhon, Does Quality Time Produce Quality Children? Evidence on the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital using Parental Death



13.06 Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu and Xianwen Shi, Optimal Voting Rules

13.05 Eugene Kandel, Konstantin Kosenko, Randall Morck and Yishay Yafeh, Business Groups in the United States: A Revised History of Corporate Ownership, Pyramids and Regulation, 1930-1950

13.04 Yevgeny Mugerman, Moran Ofir and Zvi Wiener, How Homeowners Choose between Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

13.03 Michel Strawczynski, Cyclicality of Statutory Tax Rates 

13.02 Ity Shurtz, The Impact of Medical Errors on Physician Behavior: Evidence from Malpractice Litigation

13.01 Asaf Zussman, Ethnic Conflict and Segregation in the Marketplace: Evidence from Israel



 12.12 Al Slivinski and Nathan Sussman, Tax Administration and Compliance: Evidence from Medieval Paris

12.11 Victor Lavy, Expanding School Resources and Increasing Time on Task: Effects on Student’s Academic Achievements, and Non-cognitive Outcomes

12.10 Yuyu Chen, Avraham Ebenstein, Michael Greenstone, and Hongbin Li, The Health Consequences of Air Pollution on Birth Weight: Evidence from China’s Huai River Policy 

12.09 Eric D. Gould and Esteban F. Klor, The Long-Run Effect of 9/11: Terrorism, Backlash, and the Assimilation of Muslim Immigrants in the West

A12.08 Reuben Gronau, The Privatization of Social Services in Israel - Some Questions and Concerns (Hebrew)

12.07 Orly Sade, Roy Stein and Zvi Wiener, Israeli Treasury Auction Reform

12.06 Asaf Zussman, Ethnic Discrimination: Lessons from the Israeli Online Market for Used Cars

12.05 Haggay Etkes, The Impact of Employment in Israel on the Palestinian Labor Force

12.04 Eric D. Gould and Omer Moav, When is “Too Much” Inequality Not Enough? The Selection of Israeli Emigrants

12.03 Moshe Hazan and Hosni Zoabi, Sons or Daughters? Endogenous Sex Preferences and the Reversal of the Gender Educational Gap

A12.02 Sami Miaari, Asaf Zussman and Noam Zussman, Employment Restrictions and Political Violence in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Hebrew and English)
Hebrew Paper,  English Paper

12.01 Alex Gershkov and Benny Moldovanu, Demand Uncertainty and Dynamic Allocation with Strategic Agents


11.08 Victor Lavy and Alexander Zablotsky, Mother's Schooling and Fertility under Low Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from a Natural Experiment


11.07 John H. Kagel, Hankyoung Sung and Eyal Winter, Veto Power in Committees: An Experimental Study
Abstract, Paper


11.06 Alon Eizenberg, Upstream Innovation and Product Variety in the U.S. Home PC Market


11.05 Nicholas Sambanis and Moses Shayo, Social Identification and Ethnic Conflict


11.04 Avraham Ebenstein, Moshe Hazan and Avi Simhon, Raising the Financial Costs of Children and Fertility Responses: Evidence from the Kibbutz
Abstract, Paper


11.03 Iddo Kan, Israel Finkelshtain and Yoav Kislev, A Two-Pronged Control of Natural Resources: Prices and Quantities with Lobbying
Abstract, Paper


11.02 Yosi Djivre and Yossi Yakhin, Business Cycles in Israel, 1987-2010: The Facts 


11.01 Ran Abramitzky and Victor Lavy, How Responsive is Investment in Schooling to Changes in Returns? Evidence from an Unusual Pay Reform in Israel's Kibbutzim 


10.08 Shai Bernstein and Eyal Winter, Contracting with Heterogeneous Externalities


10.07 Reuben Gronau, The Israeli Railroad: Road Jam Panacea? (Hebrew)


10.06 Victor Lavy and Analia Schlosser, Mechanisms and Impacts of Gender Peer Effects at School


10.05 Alex Gershkov and Motty Perry, Contracts for Providers of Medical Treatments 


10.04 Economic Growth in Israel: 2 papers (Hebrew) paper

Shay Tzur and Noam Zussman, The Contribution of Vocational High School  Studies to Educational  Achievement and Success in the Labor Market

Guy Navon and Ronni Frish, The Effect of Israel's Encouragement of Capital Investments in Industry Law on Product, Employment, and Investment: an Empirical Analysis of Micro Data


10.03 Asaf Zussman and Moses Shayo, Judicial Ingroup Bias in the Shadow of Terrorism 


10.02 Avraham Ebenstein, The Consequences of Industrialization: Evidence from Water Pollution and Digestive Cancers in China 


A10.01 Ruth Klinov, Financing Primary and Lower Secondary Schools 2003-2008 (Hebrew)    





20.06 Alexei Abrahams, Eli Berman, Prabin B. Khadka, Esteban F. Klor and John Powell, Mostly Deterred: An Episodic Analysis of The Israel-Gaza Conflict

20.05 David Genesove, History in the Study of Industrial Organization

20.04 Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan, Late payments, Liquidity Constraints and the Mismatch between Due Dates and Paydays

20.03 Avraham Ebenstein, Yael Mishly, Dan Ben Moshe and Eve Colson-Sihra, Intergenerational Mobility Following a Large Exogenous Shock: Evidence from the Holocaust

20.02  גלית בינט, חינוך טכנולוגי מקצועי מבוסס מקום כמקדם שוויון

20.01 Eliana Avitzour, Adi Cohen, Daphna Joel and Victor Lavy,  On the Origins of Gender-Discriminatory Behavior: The Role of Explicit and Implicit Stereotypes