Latest Discussion Papers

17.07   Einav Hart, Déborah Marciano and Eyal Winter, Groups, Group Members and Individuals: Choices and Impulses in Repeated Risky Decisions

17.06   Saul Lach,  Zvika Neeman, and Mark Schankerman, Government Financing of R&D: A Mechanism Design Approach

17.05   Naomi Hausman, University Innovation and Local Economic Growth

17.04   Assaf Patir, Securitization, Bank Vigilance, Leverage and Sudden Stops

17.03   Michael Bar, Moshe Hazan, Oksana Leukhina, David Weiss and Hosny Zoabi, Inequality and the Changing Role of Differential Fertility

17.01    Alon Eizenberg, Andras Pechy and Michelle Sovinsky, The Dynamics of Technology Adoption and Vertical  Restraints: An Empirical Analysis