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Latest Discussion Papers


20.06 Alexei Abrahams, Eli Berman, Prabin B. Khadka, Esteban F. Klor and John Powell, Mostly Deterred: An Episodic Analysis of The Israel-Gaza Conflict

20.05 David Genesove, History in the Study of Industrial Organization

20.04 Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan, Late payments, Liquidity Constraints and the Mismatch between Due Dates and Paydays

20.03 Avraham Ebenstein, Yael Mishly, Dan Ben Moshe and Eve Colson-Sihra, Intergenerational Mobility Following a Large Exogenous Shock: Evidence from the Holocaust

20.02  גלית בינט, חינוך טכנולוגי מקצועי מבוסס מקום כמקדם שוויון

20.01 Eliana Avitzour, Adi Cohen, Daphna Joel and Victor Lavy,  On the Origins of Gender-Discriminatory Behavior: The Role of Explicit and Implicit Stereotypes


19.04 Adi Brender and Michel Strawczynski, The EITC Program in Israel: employment effects and evidence on the differential impacts of Family vs. Individual-Income Based Design

19.03 Abigail Hurwitz, Orly Sade and Eyal Winter, Unintended Consequences of Minimum Annuity Laws: An Experimental Study

19.02 Ran Abramitzky , Victor Lavy and Maayan Segev, The Response of Skill Investment to Changes in the Skill Premium

19.01 Itay Saporta-Eksten, Ity Shurtz and Sarit Weisburd, Social Security, Labor Supply and Health of Older Workers: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from a Large Reform