Latest Discussion Papers


24.03 Liran Einav, Ehud Guttel, Ilan Kremer, Guy Lakan and Sarit Weisburd, Does Privacy Matter? Evidence from a Legal Reform

24.02 Esteban F. Klor, Shahar Lahad and Asaf Zussman, Long Term Effects of Political Violence on Attitudes: Evidence from the Second Intifada


24.01  Edith Sand and Shirlee Lichtman-Sadot, The Effects of a Retirement Age Reform on Couples' Labor Supply Decisions

23.03 שי גילת, אורן דניאלי ודור לבנטר, אי שוויון בהכנסות הגבוהות בישראל

23.02  Ran Abramitzky, Netanel Ben-Porath, Victor Lavy, and Michal Palgi,  Financial Crisis in a Socialist Setting: Impact on Political Behavior, Social Trust, and Economic Values

23.01H ראובן גרונאו, מדיניות כלכלית בסכיזופרניה, רמת המחירים והאינפלציה בישראל 2017-1996

23.01E Reuben Gronau, Israel’s Schizophrenic Price Policy 1996-2017

22.04 Ity Shurtz, Yoav Goldstein and Gabriel Chodick, Realization of Low Probability Clinical Risks and Physician Behavior: Evidence from Primary Care Physicians

22.03 Ran Abramitzky, Netanel Ben-Porath, Shahar Lahad, Victor Lavy and Michal PalgiThe Effect of Labor Market Liberalization on Political Behavior and Free Market Norms

22.02 Bnaya Dreyfuss, Ofer Glicksohn, Ori Heffetz and Assaf Romm, Deferred Acceptance with News Utility

22.01 Ori Heffetz and Daniel B. Reeves, Nonresponse Bias in Economic Surveys: Evidence from Merging Israeli Administrative and Survey Data