Falk Digest (Hebrew)

The Falk Digest presents short descriptions of the research projects funded by the Falk Institute.

Digest No. 17 - May 2015

Conflict and the Persistence of Ethnic Bias - Moses Shayo and Asaf Zussman

How to Share it Out: The Value of Information in Teams - Alex Gershkov, Jianpei Li and Paul Schweinzer

The Transition from Dollar to Shekel in the Israeli Real Estate Market - Dror Goldberg and Saggi Katz

 The Accident Externality of Driving: Evidence from Observance of the Jewish Sabbath in Israel - Issi Romem and Ity Shurtz


Digest No. 16 - September 2014

Does Quality Time Produce Quality Children? Evidence on the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital using Parental Death - Eric D. Gould and Avi Simhon

Business Groups in the United States: A Revised History of Corporate Ownership, Pyramids and Regulation, 1930-1950 - Eugene Kandel, Konstantin Kosenko, Randall Morck and Yishay Yafeh

Hedonic Pricing when Housing is Endogenous: The Value of Access to the Trans-Israel Highway - Michael Beenstock, Dan Feldman and Daniel Felsenstein
Optimal Voting Rules - Alex Gershkov, Benny Moldovanu and Xianwen Shi


Digest No. 15 - August 2013

How Homeowners Choose between Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages? - Yevgeny Mugerman, Moran Ofir and Zvi Wiener

Ethnic Conflict and Segregation in the Marketplace: Evidence from Israel - Asaf Zussman

The Impact of Medical Errors on Physician Behavior: Evidence from Malpractice Litigation - Ity Shurtz

Cyclicality of Statutory Tax Rates - Michel Strawczynski


Digest No. 14 - February 2013

Ethnic Discrimination: Lessons from the Israeli Online Market for Used Cars - Asaf Zussman

The Impact of Employment in Israel on the Palestinian Labor Force - Haggay Etkes

Israeli Treasury Auction Reform - Orly Sade, Roy Stein and Zvi Wiener

The Health Consequences of Air Pollution on Birth Weight: Evidence from China’s Huai River Policy - Yuyu Chen, Avraham Ebenstein,

Michael Greenstone and Hongbin Li


Digest No. 13 – February 2012

Raising the Financial Costs of Children and Fertility Responses: Evidence from the Kibbutz – Avraham Ebenstein, Moshe Hazan and Avi Simhon

Employment Restrictions and Political Violence in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Sami Miaari, Asaf Zussman and Noam Zussman

Business Cycles in Israel, 1987-2010: The Facts  Yosi Djivre and Yossi Yakhin

A Two-Pronged Control of Natural Resources: Prices and Quantities with Lobbying – Iddo Kan, Israel Finkelshtain and Yoav Kislev,

Veto Power in Committees: An Experimental Study – John H. Kagel, Hankyoung Sung and Eyal Winter

Digest No. 12 – October 2010

The Contribution of Vocational High School  Studies to Educational  Achievement and Success in the Labor Market – Shay Tzur and Noam Zussman

The Effect of Israel's Encouragement of Capital Investments in Industry Law on Product, Employment, and Investment: an Empirical Analysis of Micro Data – Guy Navon and Ronni Frish

Does Terrorism Work? – Eric D. Gould and Esteban F. Klor

Vertical Foreclosure using Exclusive Dealing: The Case of Hamburger Restaurants in Shopping Malls  Itai Ater

Contracts for Providers of Medical Treatments – Alex Gershkov and Motty Perry

Digest No. 11 – August 2009

Information Wins the Race in Explaining Non Take-Up – Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan

Terror and the Costs of Crime – Eric D. Gould and Guy Stecklov

The Dynamics of Inequality among Immigrants – Sarit Cohen-Goldner

Multi-Stage Voting, Sequential Elimination and Condorcet Consistency – Parimal Kanti Bag, Hamid Sabourian and Eyal Winter

Digest No. 10 – March 2008

This digest contains articles dealing with main issues in the Israeli tax system:

A Forecasting Model for Government Tax Revenues in Israel and an Evaluation of the Forecast Uncertainty – Adi Brender and Guy Navon

Shifting of VAT and purchase tax rates onto consumer prices – Natalie Mironychev, Dmitri Romanov, Merav Oren-Yiftach and Noam Zussman

Taxes, Economic Uncertainty and the Judiciary: Analysis of the Israeli Supreme Court Decisions  – David Gliksberg

Are Income and Consumption Taxes Ever Really Equivalent? Evidence from a Real-Effort Experiment with Real Goods – Tomer Blumkin, Bradley J. Ruffle and Yosef Ganun

VAT Revenue Forecasting in Israel – Tatiana Slobodnitsky and Lev Drucker

Digest No. 9 – January 2008

The Baby Boom and World War II: A Macroeconomic Analysis – Matthias Doepke, Moshe Hazan and Yishay Maoz

Education, Militarism and Civil Wars – Moses Shayo

Social Identity and Preferences over Redistribution – Esteban F. Klor and Moses Shayo

The Inevitability of Price Spikes and Tight Capacity in Competitive Electricity Markets – Irena Milstein and Asher Tishler

Digest No. 8 – July 2007

Does Raising the Principal'ss Wage Improve the School’s Outcomes? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from an Unusual Program in Israel – Victor Lavy

The Old and the Restless: Inside the Black of Box of Ability Peer Effects in the Israeli Classroom – Victor Lavy, M. Daniele Paserman and Analia Schlosser

Information Wins the Race in Explaining Non Take-Up – Momi Dahan and Udi Nisan

Inequality and the State in Israel: Implications of the Social Services as an Employer – Michael Shalev

Digest No. 7 – February 2006

The Impact of Terrorism Across Industries: An Empirical Study – Claude Berrebi and Esteban F. Klor

Search and Prices: Evidence form the FSU Immigration to Israel – Saul Lach

Job Search and Hyperbolic Discounting – Daniele Paserman and Stefano Della Vigna

Longevity across Generations – Saul Lach, Yaacov Ritov and Avi Simhon

Regulating Irrigation via Block-Rate Pricing: An Econometric Analysis – Ziv Bar-Shira, Israel Finkelshtain and Avi Simhon

Digest No. 6 – February 2005

Do Minorities Respond to Discrimination with Intensified Self Effort or with Alienation? Tax Collection in the Arab Local Authorities as a Case Study – Adi Brender

Mass Migration to Israel – Sarit Cohen-Goldner and M. Daniele Paserman

The Origin of Overtaking in the Land Abundance as a Hurdle for Education Reformsand Natives’ Transitions from Employment – Omer Moav and Dietrich Vollarth

Inspection in Markets for Experience Goods – Omer Moav and Zvika Neeman

Digest No. 5 – June 2004

This Digest presents short descriptions of selected studies written by students of the Department of Economics at the Hebrew University.

Digest No. 4 – December 2003

The Effect of Parents’ Education and Earnings upon the Education and Earnings of their Children – Michael Beenstock

How Much Does It Cost to Short Sale A Stock Index –- Abraham Lioui and Ron Malka

Incentive Structures for Class Action Lawyers – Alon Klement and Zvika Neeman

Against Compromise: A Mechanism Design Approach – Alon Klement and Zvika Neeman

Digest No. 3 – October 2002

Mobility and Longitudinal Inequality in Earnings: Israel 1983-1995 – Michael Beenstock

Political Pressure and Monetary Accommodation in the Political Business Cycle – Allan Drazen

Contracts, Externalities and Incentives in Shopping Malls – Eric D. Gould, B. Peter Pashigian and Canice Prendergast

Labor Market Experience and in the Gender Gap – Moshe Hazan and Yishay D. Maoz

Digest No. 2 – April 2002

Technical Progress and Early Retirement  Avner Ahituv and Joseph Zeira

Evaluating the Effect of Teacher’s Performance Incentives on Pupil Achievements – Victor Lavy

R&D, Subsidies and Productivity – Saul Lach and Robert M. Sauer

The Wage Structure in Non-Profit Institutions in Israel – Yoram Gabai and Eldad Brik

Digest No. 1 – November 2001

Income Maintanence Problemd and Solutions – Dmitri Romanov and Noam Zussman

Job Search and Hyperbolic Discounting – Daniele Paserman and Stefano Della Vigna

Cheap Children and the Persistence of Proverty  Omer Moav

Loss Aversion and Seller Behavior: Evidence from the Housing Market – David Genesove and Christopher Mayer